Catherine Nakielny

Catherine has worked in the Welsh agricultural industry for over 20 years and is also actively involved in the management of a 400 acre upland farm in Carmarthenshire. Catherine has worked for commercial companies and has also run her own consultancy business. She has delivered work under the Farming Connect programme on an employed basis as a Technical Officer and previously through her own consultancy activities. Catherine therefore has a very good understanding of the wider Farming Connect programme and the opportunities available.

Catherine specialises in sheep production but is knowledgeable on the challenges facing all sectors including beef, dairy, arable, horticulture and forestry. Catherine also has an interest in diversification and through her involvement on her family farm. She believes that all Welsh agriculture sectors to future proof their business given the challenges ahead. She undertook a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2011 followed by the Agri-Academy Rural Leadership programme the following year therefore has a large networks across Wales, the UK and New Zealand.

Catherine is also aware of Welsh Government policies which relate to farming practices in Wales and the importance of being aware of future opportunities and challenges facing the industry.