Why Wyn would be an effective mentor

  • Third generation sheep farmer Wyn Williams has been involved in the industry all his life. At his hill farm, which ranges from 1,100 to 1,300 ft high, he runs 500 predominantly hardy cross-bred speckled breeding ewes and 200 dry ewe lambs. He also buys in weaning cattle to graze the land. 
  • A former lamb buyer and carcass service officer, Wyn has extensive knowledge of carcass quality and market demands. His background in the red meat aector also gave him an insight into retailer and customer demands, engaging with Agricultural Managers to initiate new product development. An example of this was the Sainsburys YFC Lamb Initiative which was created and developed over 10 years and has grown to be a successful brand.
  • Since 2001, Wyn has been involved with the Pontbren Conservation Group who operate a co-operative farmer led approach to sustainable land management in upland hill farms. The 10 farms involved in the group have utilised woodland management and tree planting to improve the efficiency of upland livestock farming. In the first 10 years, they planted 120,000 new trees; restored existing woodland; created and restored 16.5 kilometres of hedgerows resulting in new shelterbelts; and created 10 ponds which provide additional water supply. The group also collected information on water quality and flood risk management which assisted Government bodies to formulate a policy to reduce flooding in lowland areas by developing tree planting and water retention policies in upland areas. Wyn is passionate about sustainable farming practices and biodiversity, and the group’s work has improved the efficiency and profitability of the farms involved. 
  • Wyn has also been heavily involved with the Glastir Small Grants scheme and has secured the advanced status since it’s inception. With a deep understanding and first-hand experience of agri-environment schemes and restoring natural habitats on farm, Wyn can provide guidance on to help you to get the most out of any scheme and avoid any pitfalls.
  • Wyn can offer guidance to new entrants into farming, using his varied personal experience to help those starting out in the industry to grow a viable business. An excellent listener and people person, Wyn enjoys interacting with other farmers and has hosted a number of open days for unions, farm groups and government officials. 

Current farm business

  • 280 acre hill farm
  • 500 cross-bred Speckled breeding ewes with 200 ewe lamb followers
  • Weaning cattle bought in to graze 
  • 6 acres arable land compromising of cereal crop grown yearly to Glastir standards
  • Glastir Advanced 
  • Solar PV panels, installed on farmhouse and farm buildings
  • Significant hedgerow renovation


  • 2020: Chairman, Llanfair Caereinion Town Council
  • 2017 - present: Chairman, Pontbren LTD
  • 2002 - 2020: Various roles in livestock buying and procurement, Dunbia
  • 2000 - 2002: Buyer & Business Development Manager, Welsh Country Foods LTD
  • 2000: County Vice Chairman, FUW
  • 1992 - 1993: City & Guilds Agriculture and Horticulture Phase 3 Accounts with Distinction, Walford College of Agriculture
  • 1990 - 2000: County Executive Member, FUW 
  • 1984 - 2000: Carcase Service officer, Meat & Livestock Commission

Tips for business success:

  1. Always have a plan.
  2. Investigate and research the business you desire to establish and always keep up to date with information on customer desires in a changing world. 
  3. Keep an open mind when facing change or new challenges.