Opportunity #846

Market Garden


Acreage to be agreed

No accommodation

Opportunity #846

Provider Profile

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Venture Reference Number: 846


Paviland Farm, a traditional family farm based in beautiful Gower, South Wales, is looking for a Grower to develop its Market Garden.

Our Market Garden operation was born in 2020, and since then we have been growing high quality vegetables primarily for local restaurants, but also for a small number of shops and veg boxes.

Cropping to date has combined both outdoor cropping and protected cropping in 2 new polytunnels, and all crops are grown without chemicals or artificial fertilisers.

We are passionate about growing quality food for local markets and helping food and farming become more sustainable. We have a good local network, plus a website and social media presence.

Our aim is to find an ambitious partner who shares our passion and wants to take the business forward – ideally on a rental basis, to allow us to step back, or as a joint venture to be agreed.

We have land (acreage to be agreed!), facilities and equipment ready to use, ideally to start in February. 


Our goals for the next 5 years:

To create a thriving market garden which supplies local restaurants, shops and other customers.





Land area available: 

Acreage to be agreed


Infrastructure available i.e., buildings, handling facilities: 

Use of WC and office space, delivery van, 2 x polytunnels with irrigation, tractor and hand tools

Machinery available:  

Tractor, cultivator and harrow


Accommodation for the Seeker: 

We can provide amazing sea views, but sadly no accommodation!



Type of agreement being considered:

Open to discussion


Requirements of the role including main tasks, responsibilities and skills required: 

To develop cropping plans and infrastructure, to grow veg for existing and new customers, to lead other team members, to organise veg deliveries and develop sales



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