Opportunity #259


121Ha / 300 Acres

Diversification Enterprise

No accommodation


Provider Profile

(An outline of the opportunity being provided)


Venture Reference Number: 259


51 – 60 years old

Non-Welsh speaker

Diversified Established farm business 300-acre total land holding

Seeks either share farmer or working farm manager to take this interesting business forward.

The farm currently grows cereals and has a small sheep flock but has recently focussed on diversified events growing Christmas trees, pumpkins and running a maize and sunflower event through the summer. There are currently 10000 Facebook followers.

This has been built up over the past few years and there is considerable scope to increase the offering to the public both in food and leisure events.

However, at 60 the owner wishes to be able to leave the day to day running in safe hands whilst wishing to see the business expand and improve.

There would appear to be other opportunities in PYO /Polytunnel horticulture and also improving the current livestock enterprises.

Other enterprises include medium scale renewable energy production and rental property.

Goals for the next 5 years:

  1. Reduce my working hours and give myself ability to travel and pursue some non-business interests.
  2. See the business improve and expand.



Location (nearest town): 



Land area available:

Up to 300 acres / 121 Ha


Infrastructure available i.e. buildings, handling facilities: 

Approx 10000 sq foot covered


Livestock available:

Type           Numbers

Ewes          50


Machinery available:

Enough basic machinery for business


Accommodation for the Seeker:  



The local area:

Very picturesque farm yet Close to Cities, good motorway connections.



Type of agreement being considered:

Open to discussion


Key characteristics the landowner is looking for in a business partner:

The applicant needs to be hard working and resourceful, able to work unsupervised and be dedicated to improving the business and willing to commit at least 5 years to this.

This is an opportunity where1+1 can make 3.


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