Opportunity #340

Tal Y Cafn / Eglwysbach, Conwy.

47Ha / 116 acres


150 Crossbred Dairy Cows

Accommodation available


Provider Profile

(An outline of the opportunity being provided)


Venture Reference Number: 340



30 – 45 years old

Welsh speaker

Our goals for the next 5 years are:

Currently running 150 Crossbrred Cows. Looking to increase cow numbers over the next 5 years.
In order to increase cow numbers we require a dependable calf rearer to join our young and passionate team.

The position could be for February until mid May this year (2021) when the calves will be weaned.

Or for the right candidate, a possible full-time position to join us in achieving our goals over the next 5 years. We also run an autumn calving herd and other farm work would be needed when it’s quieter with calving.



Location (nearest town):

Tal Y Cafn / Eglwysbach, Conwy.


Land area available:

47Ha / 116 acres


Livestock available:

Type                                    Numbers

Crossbred Dairy Cows        150


Machinery available:

Access to most farm machinery included in the job


Accommodation for the Seeker:  



The local area:

The local area: Approximately 3 miles from walled town of Conwy and 5 miles from the market town of Llanrwst. A good local community with close accessibility to the A55.



Type of agreement being considered:


We have 150 crossbred cows to calve in 10 weeks, starting 7th Feb.

The position could be just for February until the middle of May when the calves are weaned. Or for the right candidate, option of a further full time position, as we also have an autumn calving herd, other farm work would need to be done when it’s quieter with calving.

Flexibility will be offered with working hours, with bigger commitment expected during calving.

Requirements of the role including main tasks, responsibilities and skills required: 

  • Feeding and bedding calves twice daily
  • Weighing calves on a regular basis to monitor growth rates
  • Tagging and record keeping. 
  • Assist with calving cows and ensuring that all calves are bottle fed adequate colostrum after birth.

Depending on the individual, duties could also include;

  • Relief milking,
  • Yard work, feeding scraping. 
  • General farm work.


Key characteristics the landowner is looking for in a business partner:



Eagerness and attention to detail


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