Opportunity #486


9.7 Ha / 23.96 acres

Beef & Sheep with diversification enterprise

45 ewes, 4 heifers

No accommodation

beef and sheep

Provider Profile

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Venture Reference Number: 486



51-60 years old

Non Welsh speaker

We are a husband and wife who farm a holding as well as run a B&B. We aim to run themed events out of the B&B, like our ‘New Year with the Celtic Saints’ event which we already run, focusing on the Celtic Christian heritage of West Wales.

From our sheep and cattle, we are developing a market for super-aged beef and mutton in the local farmers’ market and food festivals and have already established that there is a demand for it. So much so, we are now having to buy in cull ewes and cows to meet demand. We also brew cider on site, following the example of St Teilo! 

We are not registered with the Soil Association on principle (because 1, they promote ‘meat-free menus’ and 2, one should not have to pay a fee to be ethical). Nevertheless, we try to farm using organic principles. Being eco-friendly and good stewards of creation is important to us and resonates with our customers. 

My goals for the next 5 years are:

  1. Be turning over 12 cow carcasses a year and around half that weight of mutton, adding other complementary meat products.
  2. Be turning over 14,000 500ml bottles of cider a year.
  3. Develop beef tallow products such as dripping, candles and soap.
  4. Establish regular events in the B&B throughout the year.
  5. Help make the farm more visitor-friendly adding amenities like a woodland trail.
  6. Become a go-to source for information on super-aged high-quality meat and the good reasons for eating it.



Location (nearest town):



Land area available:

9.7 Ha / 23.96 acres

Infrastructure available i.e. buildings, handling facilities: 

  • Two barns for livestock
  • Cattle yard
  • Outbuildings
  • Space for polytunnels

Livestock available:

Type              Numbers

Ewes             45

Heifers           4


Machinery available:

  • Sheep clipper
  • Chainsaw
  • Brush cutter
  • 4×4
  • No tractor as there is no need for one - contractors cut, bale and wrap our silage and stack it where it is needed for us to put in winter feeders by hand

Accommodation for the Seeker:  



The local area:

Located in a rural area a few miles from the market town of Carmarthen.



Type of agreement being considered:

Share farming

Requirements of the role including main tasks, responsibilities and skills required: 

We have too much to do and there are so many opportunities we can see but not yet seize. An individual or a couple could come in with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to develop the smallholding and extract maximum value from the buildings and the 24 acres throughout the year. The individual would help organise our volunteers (we are registered with WOOF), attend produce markets, re-establish the poly-tunnels, produce farm cider and raise additional niche livestock or poultry. Whatever we do together would be done well and profitably using modern marketing techniques and established farming practices by the grace of God. Whoever comes in to join us will be outgoing, able to use social media and be sales-and-marketing orientated as well as having a heart for the land and the livestock.


Key characteristics the landowner is looking for in a business partner:

  • Motivated
  • Sincere
  • Dedicated


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