Owain Pugh

North Montgomeryshire

Owain Pugh is the Farming Connect development officer for North Montgomeryshire.  

He grew up on the family hill farm in Dinas Mawddwy, where he combines his role with Farming Connect with helping his father and two brothers run their flock of mainly Welsh Mountain ewes which are finished on the farm.

Owain, who studied for his BSc in agriculture at Aberystwyth University, says that his role is to signpost farmers in his area to the wide range of Farming Connect services, events and business and technical support that can make a difference for farmers and foresters and can have a very positive impact on business performance.

An active member of his local YFC and a regular attendee at Welshpool mart, Owain is keen to help farmers get the most out Farming Connect, and that they tap into all that’s available to them.

“I want to ensure that farmers benefit from the many research projects our demonstration network and focus sites will be running which range from tackling lameness in sheep to trialling a speciality clover to find out whether it can thrive as a forage crop in the Welsh climate.

Owain I also want to encourage more farmers to benchmark, because this useful comparison tool is already helping many farmers in Wales transform business efficiency and productivity.

Owain manages five discussion groups for dairy, sheep and poultry farmers, bringing in local vets and business advisers who can provide advice and guidance across a wide range of topics.

Picture of Owain Pugh