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Gwaredu BVD

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Gwaredu BVD is a new national programme to eradicate BVD from the Welsh national herd. This will deliver on a priority of the Wales Animal and Health and Welfare Framework Group.

Bovine Viral diarrhoea (BVD) is a viral disease in cattle that causes immunosuppression and reproductive failure. On the farm, this will be seen as increased number of calves getting diseases such as pneumonia or scours and a less calves being conceived.  This causes the estimated 30% of farms a significant financial and welfare issue. Estimates are that the cost to the farm is about £45 per cow on farm per year in beef herds and £15000 per year in average dairy herds (132 cow).

The disease remains in the national herd by the presence of persistently infected cattle. These are infected in the womb and excrete virus for all their life causing a problem to all the cattle on the farm. 

By testing young stock, the programme intends to identify herds that have BVD present on farm and support these in order to remove the infected animals.

Testing will be carried out at the annual TB test on the farm and will require 5 animals between 9 and 18 months to be blood sampled and these will be tested for BVD antibodies. If there are BVD antibodies present on the farm then finding and removing PI animals is recommended.

The programme intends to remove this disease from the national herd for the benefit of all cattle farmers in Wales. 


Click here to view our BVD Eradication Plan for Wales