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Iaith y Pridd

Do you know how powerful the Welsh language is? There are significant opportunities in capitalising on the Welsh language to add value to your business enterprise

To investigate and develop this link further a series of seminars and activities will be organised annually on the following topics:

Agri-food - 'Blas y Pridd'
If you are a primary producer, you could consider potential opportunities of capitalising on the Welsh language for commercial gain. Could you add value to your product by establishing a link with Welsh language and culture?

Leisure and Tourism - 'Pobl y Pridd'
Exploring the links between farming families and the Welsh language could make a significant contribution towards the tourism industry in Wales.

Activities will be organised to stimulate the development of new tourism products and services that utilise and develop the skills of farming families and that capitalise on the Welsh language and culture.

Young People - 'Plant y Pridd'
The future of the Welsh language lies with the younger generation. Farming Connect are looking for young people to establish a group looking specifically at how to use the language commercially, and considering how Welsh language traditions relating to agriculture should be further developed and transferred from one generation to the other.