Prosper from Pasture - Advanced Level

*The application window is now closed.*


The Advanced Level provides expert support for farmers who have implemented a grazing system on their farm to help them optimise their management and scale-up. A number of regional enterprise specific (dairy, beef/sheep) groups are created in which members visit each other’s farms to see similar systems first-hand. A social media group allows ideas and experience to be shared with the aim to provide accountability as well as support form like-minded farmers in order to fast track everyone’s success.  

This is also achieved with access to proactive, expert advice right through the grazing season to use the tools available from pasture management software to simple grazing budgets. The group facilitator also keeps everyone accountable to doing best practise such as regular pasture cover measurements.  

The latest theory and knowledge are shared. Topics this year will include:

  • How to reduce the use of artificial nitrogen through grazing management. 
  • Regenerative farming: the process of continuous improvement, working with nature to improve productivity and profit as well as having a net environmental benefit.  


The programme will run from February 2022 to September 2022. A number of dairy and sheep/beef regional groups will be created and linked via a social media group. There will be a mixture of virtual and on-farm meetings hosted by group members and/or expert farmers. 

Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of the Master Grass programme.


  • Minimum 2 years-experience of managing livestock in a grazing system.

Each participant will need to confirm that their business has a valid (max 5 years old) Nutrient Management Plan.

(Funding is available towards a Nutrient Management Plan. Please contact your local Farming Connect development officer for further information.) 

Interested? Please complete the application form below. Full details of the programme, including meeting dates and locations will be available once the application window is closed.


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