Prosper from Pasture - Intermediate Level - Master Grass



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MASTER GRASS is a two-day programme for beef, sheep or dairy farmers who are keen to develop their knowledge and practical skills of grassland management. It is a mix of classroom, in-field practical combined with an over-night stay providing an opportunity to socialise and meet like-minded farmers.  

You will learn the skills to implement and manage a well design, efficient and productive grazing system on their own farm. Upon completing the Master Grass level and gaining some first-hand experience, you will be able to apply for the Advanced Level.  


Beef and sheep

Day 1:

  • Practical – Visual soil health assessment methods 
  • Practical – Plant species identification
  • Theory – Soil fertility and calculating nutrient requirement
  • Theory – New ley establishment; what, why and when 
  • Theory – Grazing system design  

Visit to Prosper from Pasture Advanced member farm, meal and overnight stay 


Day 2:

  • Theory – Electric fencing and water equipment for grazing systems
  • Practical – Electric fence erection – temporary and permanent
  • Practical – Pasture measurement
  • Practical – Pasture management software
  • Theory – Calculating animal demand
  • Theory – Grazing management – matching supply and demand



Day 1:

  • Theory – The value of grass
  • Theory – How grass grows
  • Practical – Sward and soil MOT – what we can learn from 10 minutes in a field
  • Theory – Seed mixtures, reseeding strategies, improvement options
  • Practical – Measure/allocate/monitor
  • Practical – Importance of good infrastructure – paddocks, gateways, water and tracks

Visit to Prosper from Pasture Advanced member farm, meal and overnight stay 


Day 2:

  • Theory – Grass measurement – the cornerstone to better management
  • Theory – Golden rules of grazing
  • Practical – Using grassland software (Agrinet)
  • Practical – Spring grass budgeting
  • Theory – Creating a spring rotation planner
  • Theory – Using a grass wedge


Regional Master Grass sessions will be held at colleges and/or farms. Dates and Locations to be confirmed, but we aim at running Dairy sessions January/ February 2022, and Beef and Sheep during May and June 2022.


Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of the Entry Level programme.


  • 2 years-experience of working with livestock in a grazing system.

Each participant will need to confirm that their business has a valid (max 5 years old) Nutrient Management Plan.*

(Funding is available for a Nutrient Management Plan. Please contact your local Farming Connect development officer for further information.)

Interested? Please complete the application form below. Full details of the programme, including meeting dates and locations will be available once the application window is closed.


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