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Wales Master Grass

The search is on for Wales’ Grassland Management Specialists


Have you got a good understanding of grassland management and keen to develop this further?

Are you eager to learn and to adopt the most up to date grassland management techniques to make the most of the land you manage and increase profit from grass?


The workshops will focus on:

  • Selecting and establishing appropriate grass species and varieties for intensive rotational grazing
  • Develop an In-depth understanding of soil management for maximising grass growth
  • Understanding and implementing key practical and infrastructure elements into your grazing system
  • Be able to input and interpret grass growth measurements into grass management software for informed decision making to maximise productivity and grass utilisation
  • Be able to prepare a detailed grazing management plan for your farm to:-
    • Improve milk yield from forage and grazed grass
    • Increase kg live weight gain from grazed grass
    • Reduce overall input costs within a simplified grass based system

Wales Master Grass, April 2018


Report: Raising soil pH levels by one index point to 6.5 can increase grassland production by 30%.

Case Study: MasterGrass inspires one young hill farmer to change his grazing policy

The application window for Wales Master Grass 2018 is now closed.