The bottom line: If you want to improve your margins, Wales is one of the best places in the UK from which to operate. With high-quality, low cost property and a vibrant recruitment marketplace, you can concentrate on growing your business, not shrinking your costs.


For significantly reduced costs, Wales offers both excellence and value for money property solutions. For example, Grade A office space in Cardiff costs around 40% of the price of Grade A office space in London (source: BNP Paribas UK Total Occupancy costs – January 2014). On average, Grade A office space in Wales is available from as little as £11 per sq.ft and other office space is available from £5 per sq ft. See our property database for more details.


Wales offers some of the best staff and the most competitive staff costs in the UK, with wages in Cardiff (Wales’s capital city) around 70% of those in London. The average graduate salary in Wales is 80% of the UK average graduate salary, making Wales a great place to grow your business.

And, with both low private housing costs and a lower cost of living available, you can retain your staff better, saving you time and money on recruitment and management.

“Legal & General have been able to keep our costs under control because of our operation in Wales.”

Nigel Wilson

Group Chief Executive, Legal & General


Wales is also subject to the same employment law as England, saving you headaches on recruitment.

Furthermore, our corporation tax rate is 20%, compared to 25% in China, 28% in South Africa, 29% in Germany, 31% in Italy, 32% in India, 33% in France, and 40% in United States (Source: KPMG).

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