Locate to Wales

Locate to Wales

There are plenty of reasons why Wales should be your first choice location.  Here are a few.


Wales is home to some serious talent.  There are eight universities, with first class teaching and internationally renowned research.  The 16 further education colleges focus on increasing employability of their students by collaborating with local businesses to provide the workforce of the future. In addition, apprenticeships can provide an alternative route into many financial and professional services careers.  


Wales is well connected with high speed broadband.  South Wales has its own Internet Exchange and one of Europe’s largest data centres – impeccable technical credentials which underpin a growing fintech cluster in the region.


Wales has a great road and rail network, which makes it easy to travel around the country and to other areas of the UK.  Cities in the South Wales benefit from being close to London, whilst businesses in North and Mid Wales can take advantage of their proximity to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.  Cardiff has its own international airport which offers a wide and expanding range of European and worldwide flights.  


Wales has plenty of high quality office space with low rental costs… 

In addition, salary costs are very competitive - the average graduate salary in Wales is 80% of the UK average.  Wales also enjoys higher staff retention than the UK average. 

Our savings calculator shows how much being based in Wales may benefit your business. 

Quality of Life

Wales is a beautiful country whose mountains, beaches, rivers and lakes attract visitors from across the world.  Our stunning countryside is within easy reach from major business towns and cities.  Wales provides a great quality of life with a low cost of living.  Our capital city Cardiff is one of the most liveable cities in Europe, according to a recent European Commission report.  Cardiff’s excellent shopping, culture and sports facilities were highlighted alongside as its numerous parks and green spaces.  

Our Trade and Invest website has plenty more reasons to move to Wales alongside some inspirational case studies from companies who have made the move.