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Savings Calculator

Your business may be able to save significantly by being in Wales.  Use our savings calculator below to compare how Cardiff compares to other locations. You may be surprised at the savings your business can make based on some assumptions (see below).

Of course, each business is different so this is purely a starting point and representative example.


About your current infrastructure

How many employees would be based in Cardiff?

Cardiff annual cost for rent and staff is

{{ (numEmployees * cardiff.totalSalRent | noFractionCurrency: '£') }}

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Annual cost of rent and staff Potential annual saving moving to Cardiff per year
in {{ city.name }} {{ (numEmployees * city.totalSalRent | noFractionCurrency: '£') }} {{ (numEmployees * city.savingPerEmployee | noFractionCurrency: '£') }}
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Key assumptions on which the calculations have been made:

  • staff costs are calculated using data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2016. We have used the median salary for the selected cities. For more information visit the Office for National Statistics website.
  • office costs have been calculated using the BNP Paribas UK Total Office Occupancy Costs.
  • we have assumed 100 sq ft per employee
  • the total annual cost is (mean salary from ASHE) + (100x Total per square foot occupancy cost from BNP Paribas)
  • the costs shown are all single year costs

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