The insurance industry in Wales is thriving.  Admiral is a home grown success story – developing from a small Cardiff start up to become a FTSE 100 company and one of the UK’s top car insurers. Admiral’s success is marked by its continual drive to innovate.  This spirit of innovation is replicated within many insurance companies in the region; Wales is Europe’s centre for online insurance aggregators with providers such as Moneysupermarket, and Compare the Market.

Atradius is a leading global trade credit insurer who has chosen to base their UK and Ireland headquarters in Cardiff Bay.  Their Cardiff office is of key strategic importance, as it holds the group’s data centre and central IT function, supporting 158 offices worldwide.

The insurance sector is strengthened by Wales’s expertise in data science. Organisations such as Cardiff University’s Data Innovation Research Centre and Wales headquartered Office for National Statistics partner with local companies to deliver ground breaking research.  Insurance companies in Wales also have access to a skilled workforce. Acorn is a CII accredited training provider based in Newport.  They currently deliver insurance apprenticeships to local clients including Arthur J Gallagher and Zurich.

The Benefits of Anchoring in Wales

Admiral group is a FTSE 100 company that is headquartered in Cardiff. The entire UK functions of the FTSE100 Insurance giant, worth over £4 billion, are based in Wales.

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