Welsh Government

Technical support

We’ve got extra helpings of technical support available to help businesses grow in Wales. Innovation Centres provide practical assistance with testing, evaluating and developing new products. There's a special team dealing with UK and European research and development schemes, knowledge transfer, and commercial challenges - like sourcing the right packaging and labelling.

Picture of people preparing meat

Helping you to develop successful products

Modern food production demands that products have to stand up to the highest scrutiny from official bodies and not least consumers themselves. In Wales we strive to ensure food manufacturers achieve and maintain these exacting standards by supporting them with the technical expertise to establish and develop successful products. 

Our Innovation Centres, staffed by professionals and leading academics, place the full range of technical support at the disposal of food producers to give them a competitive edge and ensure they supply what retailers and caterers want.  

Cut Your Energy, Water and Waste Disposal Costs

Your business could cut costs by using less energy and water, consuming fewer raw materials and reducing waste.

For more information visit the WRAP website for opportunities for resource efficiency.