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Henllan Bread

A new approach to waste management is creating savings for a family-run bakery from north Wales

Denbighshire-based Henllan Bread produces bread, pies, cakes and morning goods every
day, delivering to a wide range of shops, schools and hospitals across north Wales. And
whilst the industry cost of waste management increased, so did the amount of waste the
bakery produced. Waste therefore needed to be minimised in all areas of its business, from ingredients and packaging to damaged products and unsold returns.

Henllan Bread was introduced to WRAP Cymru by Bangor-based consultants BIC Innovation, who pre-qualified with WRAP Cymru to deliver its Hospitality, Tourism, Food & Drink (HTFD) programme in the area. BIC Innovation was appointed to investigate Henllan Bread’s processes, to identify areas where waste could be reduced and to calculate the true cost of the business’ waste.

A £6,000 grant from WRAP Cymru, in addition to £4,000 funding from Henllan Bread, helped them pay for new bins, signage and baling equipment, which is enabling them to segregate their waste and recycle paper, card and plastics. The consultants also sought local companies prepared to collect this separated waste for free, or even pay for some of it, and set clear instructions for staff on how to segregate the waste. This has also resulted in the business no longer having to hire mixed waste skips to clear its waste, and reduced its need to fill six 1,100 litre mixed waste bins each week, to just two.

Henllan Bread is also planning to receive additional income from recycling their cardboard using the baler.

In addition to this, the research carried out identified novel ways for the bakery to use or sell cake offcuts. 

As well as making changes to Henllan Bread’s waste collection equipment, it also made changes to its processes. These types of process changes have helped to reduce the amount of damage to products in the manufacturing and packaging process, which means the business has fewer damaged products to shift. It’s also successfully reduced the amount of ingredients it needs, such as reducing its flour waste by 16kg each day by sieving it. 

Additional measures have also allowed Henllan Bread to minimise its overproduction and over ordering, and reduce the amount of perfectly good food being returned and scrapped. Following the advice and funding from WRAP Cymru, Henllan Bread has diverted more than 200 tonnes of waste from landfill over three years, avoiding significant waste disposal costs.The consultants also suggested Henllan would benefit from help under WRAP Cymru’s REMade programme, to look at re-designing their packaging to include recycled content and achieve greater waste minimisation.

Tom Moore, Operations Director, said: “With WRAP Cymru’s help we were able to identify areas where considerable improvements and savings could be made. It’s HTFD (Hospitality Tourism, Food and Drink) fund grant allowed us to make those improvements much earlier than would have been possible without the assistance.”