Building Wales’ position as a consistently outstanding destination for major events

We set out to ensure a co-ordinated and coherent approach to supporting major events.

Events enhance Wales' international reputation and the wellbeing of its people and communities. They provide significant economic benefits to host cities and regions. In turn, this helps to stimulate new enterprise and business growth.

Event Wales is not directly involved in the operational delivery of major events. We work with a wide range of partners and stakeholders across the public, private and third sectors, in Wales and beyond.

The focus of work is to:

  • Attract major international events which deliver a significant economic return on investment and enhance the Wales brand.

  • Identify new and innovative ways of extending their reach to new audiences both inside and outside Wales.

  • Work strategically with local and regional partners to identify potential Growth Events, explore opportunities for creating new events.

  • Build a strong Welsh skills base of knowledge and experience. This is critical in the development of a sustainable events industry delivering a compelling events portfolio.


Are you are an event organiser, looking to bring a major event to Wales?

Do you want to develop and grow a smaller event to become one of our national signature events?

Are you seeking financial assistance or event planning advice?

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