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Register for the Fish Export Service

Most fish exports from the UK to the EU will require an accompanying Catch Certificate (CC) from January 2021. A CC proves fish have been caught legally and contain information on when and where the fishing took place and how much fish was caught.

A digital system has been developed to process CC applications. The digital Fish Export Service will enable exporters of UK caught fish and fishery products to obtain a validated CC online 24 hours a day, for free.

The Fish Export Service will validate information entered on the CC application against other fishery documentation, e.g. catch records, eLogs, paper logs, sales notes. Accidental errors in the CC application or in fishery documentation could result in CC applications failing validation, which could mean delays in the export of fish and seafood products.  

To reduce the discrepancies between the data submitted on a CC and data submitted in other fishery documentation, accurate recording and timely submission is therefore more important than ever. 

The Fish Export Service is now open for registrations. You can find full guidance on the Gov.UK website.
It is free to enrol on the Gov.UK website and takes only a few minutes. 

Businesses that are unable to complete the registration process online, or need assisted digital support, will be able to sign up by phone from mid-November. Details will be published in due course.

Familiarise yourself on the Fish Export Service from November

In November, we will be inviting businesses that have registered to use the digital self-service system to begin using the system (which will be in dummy mode) as part of our efforts to make sure you are as well prepared as possible to operate with the revised trading conditions. Please take the chance to help us to help you get prepared.

The system will go live at the end of December.

Further guidance and support

Full exporting guidance, including a comprehensive list of things you can do to prepare your business, is available on the GOV.UK website: You can also sign up for email updates.

Please take action – help us to help you prepare for the changes today to save your business vital time and effort in the coming months.

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