Amanda Daniels

Amanda Daniels is the person behind the brand. Fond of cats of all sizes and personality, she founded Koogar in November 2006. Amanda offers personalised and customised marketing knowledge to companies that, like her, exhibit pride and passion in their business.

Amanda originally trained as a graphic designer (1998), then went on to become a web designer (1999) and worked for clients including HSBC, Churchill, Argos, Wedgewood and many more in various software and design houses throughout the northwest. When her job roles took her more into programming, she started Koogar as a hobby to keep up her design skills. Amanda’s vision from the very beginning was to give people an online presence, creating an engaging experience for her clients’ customers. She quickly built up a reputation for quality, personal service and results – with her approachable and knowledgeable manner. It wasn’t long before Amanda was able to turn her hobby into a full-time venture, catapulting Koogar to one of the top multi-channel marketing companies in the northwest.

After discovering coaching whilst in her last full time role (2007/8), Amanda went on to complete 5 different coaching courses. By using business coaching techniques Amanda is able to find out the key information about her clients and their business. It’s a rapid method for getting to the heart of the business objectives so she can deliver exactly what they want from their marketing.

After 6 years in business, Amanda sought advice from a team of business advisers and has critically assessed her abilities, the SME landscape and the future of marketing. She has a stringent set of goals in an action plan that includes regular monitoring to ensure timelines are being met for each stage of implementation.

This is the action of a completely dedicated marketing professional who is determined to be a leader in her industry. Amanda’s tenacious spirit to be the best is her catalyst for change.

Business top-tip

Go with your gut!

If it doesn’t feel right, somewhere along the line a situation will arise and you will say to yourself “I knew it!”

Amanda Daniels
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    Amanda Daniels
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    The Wirral