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I was born in Pembrokeshire in Wales where the arts, its geological landscape and biological make-up have, it seems, subliminally seeped into my being and heavily influences my work. I have worked as a scientist and an artist. I have owned and directed several companies in different disciplines and now work in the 'Grey Space' the space in between those disciplines though the medium of photography. This adds a cohesiveness and curiosity to my image-making and way of working. Working collaboratively or simply creating my own projects often reveals layers of research intertwined with the landscape.
The Grey Space. We are all artists whether we be a creator of images or a creator of science or creators of our businesses. Working in the 'grey space' or the 'space in-between' disciplines can be challenging. Accuracy of research and the abstraction of art can mix beautifully when we overcome the fear of inaccuracies and relax when revealing its ambiguity. Inaccuracies and ambiguity, after all, feed our enquiring minds, whilst the experience of failed images and failed science offers new direction and new results.
If we have been lucky enough to dip in and out of the art and sciences or a mix of disciplines during our careers, we might describe ourselves as 'multi- or intra-  or inter-  or anti-  or trans-  disciplinary'. Each description suggesting a new category and a separation of work.  Being careful about how we describe the future of collaborative work will ensure we work openly in the present and through which we can anticipate our future. To narrow our field of expertise narrows our imagination, our creativity and space to learn.

Business top-tip

To be successful, find a space where you can be creative that suits your business but also suits you.

Yasmin Crawford
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