Yasmin Crawford

Yasmin is an entrepreneur and business strategist who understands; the ups and downs of running a business, truly believes that innovation through design, as a culture, is one of the keys to successful businesses, loves the challenge and inspiration of doing it yourself and supports innovative and entrepreneurial women in business.

Yasmin founded her first company OI Sciences Ltd in 2008, an international specialist injectable manufacturing Company; as CEO she took the business from start-up to sale with a product portfolio value of £58m over a period of five years. Yasmin presently has founded two further companies, a life sciences consulting firm and a pharmaceutical research and development company. She supports; the growth of a variety business through board advice, mentoring, consulting and workshops.

Business top-tip

Be honest to yourself!

Yasmin Crawford
  • Full name:
    Yasmin Crawford
  • Role:
    Director and Advisor (Lifesciences and SME)
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