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Claim your Google Knowledge Graph: Here is how

Claim your Google Knowledge Graph: Here is how

Making yourself stand out on Google rankings and search results is a top goal for many businesses. This is especially true for those who run solely on digital marketplaces. You've likely seen one of Google's more innovative features on the right-hand side of your search window. But have you ever actually considered how to harness the power of that information for yourself? Here's how you can.

What is Google’s Knowledge Graph?

Google released the knowledge graph in 2012, an innovative feature combining images and text. Providing a better user experience, it's Google's way of connecting information.

Accessible, practical and useful, this graph is a database that collects information from around the web. This data is then transformed into a more visually striking form to provide information quickly and effectively. Examples of this include list sliders, nutritional information or image carousels.

For businesses, especially local ones, knowledge graphs can be an integral part of attracting customers. Google uses places, data movies and more to create structured data that is instantly accessible. It does this by using algorithms to interconnect relevant details. Anything from the information about local stores to product prices, biographies to Wikipedia descriptions are included.

Claiming your Knowledge Graph panel

If someone uses the Google search engine for information related to your business, you want the knowledge graph panel to be relevant to you. But it isn't as simple as just paying for or purchasing your own. Google uses AI to collate and create the panels based on information available online. If you search for your business name right now, it's likely certain information will appear. Whether this is accurate or not is a different thing altogether.

So, how do you claim your knowledge panel? If one for your business already exists, the next step is getting verified. To achieve verification, you must first have a google account. From this point, you can click 'claim this knowledge panel' underneath the information provided.

Click through to 'get verified', and you can provide details and identification allowing for your panel to be officially claimed. This includes a formal identification document, such as a passport or driving licence.

To get your content in the Knowledge Graph, you need to be or develop into an authority on your subject....

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