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Definition of customer support: what KPIs you should be tracking for success?

A well-developed client-base is fundamental to the ultimate success of any business. Retaining and boosting the loyalty of company partners is a major task for top managers to handle.

Thus, your customer support representatives should focus on understanding the main questions and needs of everyone working with your company. A partner should never be left one on one with something they’re having a hard time with.

What is Customer Support?

Customer support organisation is quite a complex and challenging task. Two major things you should settle with here to get everything moving include - 

a) general communication-based type of your support – the method of call centres (phone support), email support, desktop support, live chat support, etc.;

b) the key performance indicators and qualities of processing customer requests.

It’s important to understand when and at which circumstances the biggest flow of requests takes place, how to conveniently keep a record of them and how to prioritize them as well as how to most efficiently react to submissions and which top manager can be responsible enough to maintain all that.

Customer Service vs. Customer support

These are mutually exclusive notions. Customer support implies another particular tier of services that focus on some of the most important aspects including the following...

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