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Early to rise, early to shop

Almost a quarter (22%) of consumers in Wales prefer to do their online shopping early in the morning before starting their day. With people living in a time-poor society it comes as no surprise that people would rather take their time and browse leisurely online early in the morning (particularly before the rest of the family wakes), rather than at the end of a hectic day.

Unfortunately though, it seems retailers are still blind to this fact with 72% failing to provide live customer query handling online or over the phone at this critical time. To take the pulse of the level of customer experience UK shoppers are enjoying from the most popular online retailers at the time they prefer to actually do their shopping, Yonder Digital Group commissioned research canvassing the opinions of over 2,000 consumers and found that the majority favour weekday shopping to weekends and that over a quarter in the UK are evening shoppers. The research also found that live agent support is rarely available after 8:30PM.

Chris Robinson, Yonder Digital Group CEO, comments, “It is evident that online retailers are missing a trick here; an increasing amount of people are not being catered for and cannot access live agent support at a critical time when they are shopping online late at night. The fact is that if retailers fail to help ‘night-owl’ shoppers they might abandon their basket and purchase from another competitor that does provide them with timely support.

Online retailers don’t necessarily need to provide live agent support round the clock to solve the problem and rescue those abandoned baskets, but what they do need is to carry out thorough analysis of their customer data and understand when there are peaks in demand for live agent support. By understanding the customer journey to purchase better, online retailers will be able to strategically plan which resources to deploy and when they are most profitable, thus improving customer satisfaction and growing revenues.”

By Yonder Digital Group.

Yonder Digital Group leverages over 20 years operational experience in outsourced contact centre delivery and technological innovation and services clients across a range of industries with a 24/7 omni-channel approach rooted in expert analysis of customer behaviour and optimising returns from every brand.

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