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How are cardboard boxes recycled?

Cardboard boxes and house moving boxes are made up of recycled paper, which forms the flute and two liners which give its harder ‘board’ texture. They are the most popular type of packaging in the world, due to their recycling ability.

So how are cardboard boxes recycled?

The first stage is the collection and transportation to the recycling center. Most businesses and offices will usually store their cardboard and paper ready for recycling in a specific area until they have a large quantity available for collection. Most local recycling centres offer a collection service, and many do this for free. They may even provide special bins to help with storage.

The second stage of recycling cardboard boxes for house moving is called ‘pulping’. Paper and cardboard are actually made up of a combination of different materials, most of which are plant-based. If they are soaked in water, this will turn them into a pulp, which can then be used to mix with wood chips to form new cardboard material, which in turn can be made to make new cardboard boxes. Pulp alone will not make a good cardboard box, which is why the pulp needs to be mixed with wood chips to give it extra strength.

The third stage of recycling cardboard boxes for house removal is removing ink and filtering. The pulp is put through a filter which will remove any glue, tapes and other foreign objects that have entered the mixture. The pulp itself will contain some chemicals which will remove the ink from the equation too. This makes sure the pulp is ready to be used to make a new box.

The final stage of recycling cardboard house removal packing boxes is called finishing. Some virgin paper materials are added to the pulp mixture, and then it needs to be dried out. It will be passed via a conveyor belt through a machine which extracts all the excess water from the pulp and gives it the final shape. This is called a linerboard which is now ready to be used to make new boxes.

With this new useful information about how to recycle a cardboard box, it should hopefully encourage you to recycle the boxes that you use at the workplace and give you some more information about how it works. Recycling is great for the environment, and there is absolutely no reason why cardboard boxes should be thrown away to waste. In the UK over 84% of boxes are recycled each year, so this is where to buy cardboard boxes for moving house.

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