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How supporting social action like volunteering can boost your business

For businesses, supporting social action such as volunteering can have multiple benefits for your employees, your business and the wider community. This can include employer supported staff volunteering days, student volunteering placements as well as positively recognising volunteering as a key skill in your recruitment process.

Making these changes can improve your business’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), helping you to attract the best talent, differentiate your business from the competition and provide your business with cost-effective (‘off the job’) learning; all the while enriching the lives of colleagues, employees, clients and perhaps in turn, doing your bit for the environment and local economies and communities.

Here are 7 practical things you can do:

  • develop and promote an employee volunteer programme where
    employees are encouraged and supported to give their time to support their local communities
  • develop your recruitment practices to positively recognise the skills and experiences that individuals gain through social action and volunteering
  • encourage and support young people and those underrepresented into leadership and governance roles (voluntary and paid) within your organisation to create a more vibrant and diverse place of work
  • place social action and volunteering at the heart of work experience placements, apprenticeships, graduate schemes, training programmes and staff development
  • champion and celebrate social action and volunteering throughout your internal and external communications to help attract the best talent, to demonstrate your commitment to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to inspire your staff, stakeholders and customers
  • think about the practical ways your business or organisation can enable social action and volunteering to take place in your local community, volunteers need spaces to meet, food to keep them going, ways to celebrate and platforms to be heard, what can you do?
  • a good place to start is by speaking to your colleagues to help identify any existing good practices happening within your organisation that you can build on and support

There are also lots of free tools and resources available through the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) website as well as volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering Wales website.

Cynnal Cymru is working with the WCVA and Volunteering Wales to provide practical information and support to businesses on how they can embed social action such as volunteering into their day-to-day way of working. Together they have developed a free guide for employers ‘A guide to embedding youth social action’ as well as volunteering case studies to inspire action.

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