It wasn't too long ago I was here writing about how me and my wife were making confident, unwavering strides to opening up a wedding dress shop. I was determined to make it a success and give my wife something that she really wanted. But, perhaps I was over eager, and made a few too many leaps before looking closer at the water.

As you might have guessed, it didn't work out. Not in the sense that we opened the shop and it failed financially kind of way, no, we didn't even get that far. We just realised that we weren't quite ready to pursue it, and thought it was best that we shut down the idea before we got in too deep. Put simply, we had failed.

I'll admit, that this decision came on the back of my wife getting pregnant and us realising that one blind endeavour was going to be hard enough, let along one with financial implications. It's still on the back-burner somewhere, and maybe it's something we'll bring back up in a few years time, but for now, it's very much shut down.

So why I am back here a little over a year later to talk about how unsuccessful I was at opening a business? Well, that's pretty much why I am here. I failed. I failed even before I had the chance to properly fail. But it's ok. Failure isn't always a bad thing. Not only is failure not always a bad thing, but it's nothing to be ashamed about. I'm not ashamed that we had to give up on something I was cocksure would work. Failure is just a natural, unavoidable part of perusing new things and ideas.

Since then I've turned my attention from the shop, redirected my overly enthusiastic approach to something I feel a lot more passionate about: writing.

Back in April we had our baby, Isabelle, and very shortly after she was born I suffered with postnatal depression, something I hadn't really thought that men suffered with. And after I started to feel better, I decided to write about my experiences to help garner a cathartic release. That one post then kick started an entire blog.

I've now opted to join the much saturated market of parenting blogs. Yes, I'm another one of those people. One of those parents who feel it necessary that others read about what I'm doing with my child. Maybe it's a little bit more than that, but in essence, that's what I do.

Don't let me fool you, this isn't even a business yet. But I'm taking my time with this one. No opening a limited company, no elaborate business plans, no verbal agreements with wholesalers. No. Just me and a laptop and a little bit of writing. I'm taking this a little slower, with the aims of slowly nurturing my passion without putting in too much too quickly, getting disappointed and quitting.

I don't know where this venture will go. I'm not sure if it will even actually become something that ever makes money. But I do know this: I love doing it. And I guess that's my whole point here. Do something you love, and don't fear failing. If you're waking up every morning to something that you love doing then you're on the right path. Might you waver and fall from the path? Of course you might, but you just have to get back on and keep going.

With the New Year motivation giving everyone that inspirational lift, it's very easy to get overeager and pursue something without really thinking about it. But you can take that motivation and do something productive with it, you just have to prepare yourself a lot better than I did. But remember, this New Year motivation will run out. Inspiration is like bathing, it's only effective if it's done regularly. So you need to keep finding something to keep your passion alive, and that's often the hardest part.

Who knows, maybe this blog won't work and this time next year I'll be writing another piece about how I've found a gap in an unexploited market and I'm off trying another soon-to-be unsuccessful venture. I wouldn't put anything past me yet.

Blog by Ross Hunt, Isablog

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