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Welsh tech start-ups you might not have heard about – but will soon

No matter where you look, the world is seeing new companies crop up every day covering anything from artificial intelligence to healthcare,

The annual turnover for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was £1.8 trillion as recently as 2016 and in 2017, but with more than 50% of new businesses failing within their first five years, the business of start-ups can be tricky.

The sixth annual Digital Festival 2018 in Cardiff showcased a number of promising new businesses in Wales, which look set to grow and grow.

Business news website Compelo attended the event – here’s a sample of what it found.


Dr Elin Haf Davies is the founder and CEO of Wrexham-based Aparito, which provides wearable devices and mobile apps that deliver critical data in real time between patients and clinicians outside of the hospital to support diagnosis, treatment and drug development.

She was one of seven winners of the Top Women in Welsh Tech awards ceremony held at the event.

Red Cortex

Founded by Martin Britton and Martyn Mathews, Red Cortex supplies cloud transformation services and resources to businesses of all sizes in multiple sectors.

Based in Cardiff, its services help business take control of their ICT, reduce delivery timeframes using the cloud, and ramp up their security against cyber-attacks.


Computer science graduate Toby White founded Artimus with the intention of accelerating the current generation into the golden age of AI and machine learning.

The Cardiff company’s services are intended to remove the repetitive tasks involved with everyday business management and make more time for your human resources department.

Read about more of the Welsh businesses showcased at Digital Festival 2018 here.

To find out more about what happened at Digital Fest, have a look at the following articles from Compelo: 'What we learned from Digital Fest 2018 day 1' and 'What we learned from Digital Fest 2018 day 2'

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