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Is business growth really a choice?

Business growth

Having a choice

For many business leaders it’s the start of their new financial year. This is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on what went well last year and set our sights on what we should aim to achieve this year. For some business leaders, this could be the year when they decide to “really go for growth”, but for most they will do what they always do this time of year… nothing. Maybe some of this apathy can be explained away this year more than most, it’s easy to get un-nerved by shifts in the geopolitical landscape like Brexit, Trump etc.

Despite everything that is going on in the world though, ultimately going for growth is a choice – a choice that lies entirely in your power and no one else’s. Realise that by selecting to grow you are ultimately choosing to succeed and not growing is a choice not to fulfill your true potential. It is in these moments of decision that you effectively create the destiny of your business.

Seeing the choice

I believe that low growth/no growth firms are that way because they chose it, either consciously or by letting inertia decide for them. Too many of these management teams view growth as something beyond their control. They like to tell themselves that the successful businesses just got lucky and all they can do is hope that one day that big opportunity will land at their feet.

Unfortunately for them, hope is not strategy. 

Making your choice

Don’t look out of the window for your biggest constraint on growth, look in the mirror. Take a good hard look. Recognise that more often than not, it is your limiting beliefs that are really holding you and your business back.  Even though these beliefs are often invisible, for many of us they play a crucial role in controlling our behaviours.  Without challenge they can seriously curtail the limits of your ambition but only if you choose to let them.

You see, you really do have the power of choice. You cannot control global events, but you can choose what to focus on and you can also decide what meaning you give to them. The problem is that if you choose that your business needs to be in a state of survival, if anything does goes wrong you’re immediately in trouble. To ensure survival you actually need to choose a state of growth.

To sum up, you have three real choices at the start of this financial year about where and how far you take your business:

1. Give up
2. Give in
3. Give it all you’ve got

I’d always go with option 3. Remember your comfort zone is a pleasant place to be, but nothing ever grows there.

By Steve Young of Winning Pitch

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