Marketing consists of many facets and, admittedly, it can be difficult to see where PR ends and search engine optimisation (SEO) begins. And that’s before you throw social media into the mix as well.

So with more routes to deliver your key messages, increased competition, and invariably less time to carry it all out, how do you ensure your marketing budget doesn’t go to waste and you increase your return on investment (ROI) at the same time?

By integrating it all

Each specialist area, from PR and social media to web design and SEO to email campaigns and exhibitions benefits the others.  Whether you have the resources in-house, use external agencies or a mixture of both, follow these tips to maximise your brand building efforts.

  1. Point your PR team in the direction of your SEO agency: PRs often know more about upcoming events and news than the search specialists. Information such as this is worth its weight in gold to your SEO agency.
  2. Tell the SEO department that it’s a 2-way dialogue. The media coverage that your PR agency earned, did it contain key words that your SEO team is targeting to increase your visibility in search results? PR earns valuable coverage off- and online.  This results in natural key word placement and external links back to your business’ website.
  3. Copy your social media personnel in on all communications. Quality content feeds social media platforms and keeps fans coming back for more. Your PR team producing press releases and blog posts, as well as dealing with upcoming events, is ideal for sharing on the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. Recycle your content across all platforms. Do you publish your press releases on your own website? Do you use blog posts in your monthly e-newsletter? Does your SEO team optimise such content to help with their campaign?

Analyse the data and feed it back in.  Tools such as Google Analytics for your website and Hootsuite for social media will provide invaluable information to take your brand building to the next level. What caused those spikes in website visitors? Was it a result of PR coverage? Did a certain tweet have more engagement than the rest? Why?


Source article: Outwrite

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