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Business to Business Collaboration Toolkit

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) have developed a new, free, business to business (B2B) collaboration toolkit. It is designed to equip UK businesses with the skills they need to successfully collaborate, whilst taking control of how IP is managed and commercialised.

Once registered, you will have access to all elements of the toolkit including:

  • a 'think before you collaborate' checklist- sets out the considerations you need to make before collaborating
  • a 'readiness score' calculator - calculates your 'readiness' percentage for entering into a collaboration
  • a tailored to-do-list - provides a list of key actions based on your 'readiness score'
  • a collaboration term sheet template- can be used to set out terms between collaborators
  • informative guidance - including guidance on IP collaborations, descriptions of terminology used and guidance on avoiding/resolving the common pitfalls that can sometimes occur

For further information please visit the IPO website.

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