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Champion panel appointed to work on MIT project to give Wales a competitive advantage

Champion panel appointed for global entrepreneurship programme –

A panel including leading entrepreneurs and academics from across five key stakeholder groups has been appointed to lead a project with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed to boost entrepreneurship activity and give the Welsh economy a competitive advantage. The panel will make recommendations to the Welsh Government.

The panel members  will attend four international workshops over a two year period, October 2015 - July 2017, and meet in Wales  with their team to drive change in Wales. 

Members of the REAP Champion Panel are:

Ashley Cooper, Catalyst Growth Partners

Professor Simon J. Gibson,  Wesley Clover Corporation

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, University of West England

Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, Swansea University

Daniel Mines, Admiral Group

Dr Drew Nelson, IQE plc

Hayley Parsons, founder of GoCompare.com

James Taylor, SuperStars.

Wales is one of eight regions selected from Europe, Asia and South America to join the third cohort of  the Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme, (REAP)  which is a global initiative designed to help regions accelerate economic growth and job creation through innovation-driven entrepreneurship 

The programme launches in October with the first of four interactive workshops at MIT.

Now in its third year, MIT REAP has engaged with more than fifteen regions around the world  and builds on the work already carried out in Wales to promote and support entrepreneurship:

For more information visit the REAP – MIT website

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