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Could your business deal with severe winter weather?

Whether you are a large, medium or small business, disruptions due to the weather can happen anywhere at any time. Taking time to plan and prepare your business can save you time and money when something untoward happens.

Creating a business continuity plan will help understand and manage the risks faced in the event of extreme snowfall, flooding or similar.

Businesses are also advised to prepare a grab bag with essential items which can be easily accessed should the premises be evacuated or is unable to be accessed.

Items such as a copy of key contact information, copies of insurance documentation, company cards and a copy of the business continuity plan can be included to ensure resilience can be achieved following an emergency.

Businesses are also encouraged to be aware that harsh weather conditions could leave staff unable to travel to work and therefore should evaluate the risks and provide solutions to being understaffed during this time.

For further information on preparing for emergencies please visit the GOV.UK website.

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