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COVID-19: Furloughed workers to receive full parental leave entitlement

Furloughed workers planning to take paid parental or adoption leave will be entitled to pay based on their usual earnings rather than a furloughed pay rate.

This means that:

  • pay for furloughed workers taking family related leave is to be calculated based on usual earnings rather than furlough pay
  • full earnings will apply to Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, Shared Parental Pay, Parental Bereavement Pay and Adoption Pay
  • workers about to take family-related leave are not penalised by being furloughed

The statutory instrument laid in Parliament on 24 April 2020 will ensure workers whose period of family-related pay begins on or after 25 April 2020 will be assessed on their usual, full pay.

The changes will ensure those intending to take time off will not see their entitlement to pay affected as a result of being furloughed in the wake of the impacts of COVID-19.

For further information please visit the GOV.UK website.


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