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Education Business Exchange

The Education Business Exchange (EBE) is a Careers Wales facilitated database, giving employers the opportunity to work with schools to develop exciting curriculum enhancing programmes for pupils and is looking for employers and individuals who are ready and willing to work with schools. 

Why your business should get involved:

  • you will develop new recruitment channels, build links with local schools which can help to attract young people into jobs and reduce recruitment costs

  • you will enhance your company's image and reputation at a local or regional level

  • you will contribute towards your company's corporate social responsibility policy, taking part makes a positive contribution to the development of young people

For further information please visit the Career Wales website.

If you would like to arrange a visit from a member of staff at Careers Wales to discuss EBE in more detail please email: employerengagement@careerswales.com

Business Wales have lots of information and advice on how to develop the skills of your workforce and how being a responsible business can benefit the people and places around you whilst having a positive impact on your business, find out more by visiting the Skills Gateway and Responsible Business pages.

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