The SBRI Centre of Excellence, supported by Welsh Government, are calling upon businesses to come forward with innovative solutions that can be rapidly deployed to address a key challenge facing Dentistry colleagues as they continue to deliver vital services.

Suitable solutions will receive 100% funding through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), to deliver Research and Development feasibility studies.

The competition is looking to identify, develop and demonstrate disposable respirator face masks and respiratory protection technologies that:

  • Can be tailored to fit the full range of face shapes and sizes.
  • Comply with the minimum filtration value of current FFP3 respirator masks.
  • Demonstrate compliance with FFP3 standards and efficacy (equivalent to CE mark).
  • Will have design informed by the practicalities of safe clinical dental treatment provision, and could also be suitable for other clinical specialty usage.
  • Could have the potential to integrate new systems and/or improve current practices, thereby improving fit-matching for some existing NHS Wales stocks of FFP3 masks.

Up to 5 projects will be funded, with contracts anticipated to be up to £50,000 including VAT each.

Briefing Event

Please follow the link below and register your interest for the virtual Briefing Event held on 23 November 2020 at 10am.

The closing date for the competition is 4 December 2020, for more information please visit:

For any enquiries about this competition e-mail:

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