In 2021 enforcement of the Gender Pay Gap regulations was suspended, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have announced that this year employers will face enforcement action if they do not report their data. This means that any organisation which employs over 250 members of staff must publish information about their gender pay gap.

However, in light of the challenges currently facing many employers, enforcement will not begin until 5 October 2021, the EHRC will contact employers that haven’t submitted their data or whose data appears to be inaccurate.

This gives employers a grace period, as the regulations state that public sector bodies must report their data by 30 March whilst private sector employers are required to report by 4 April. Employers are encouraged to submit their data for 2020/2021 before October where possible.

As in previous years, gender pay gap data should be submitted online through the UK Government's Gender Pay Gap reporting website and published on the employer’s website.

As many employers will have staff on furlough, comprehensive guidance has been produced on how to include furloughed staff in Gender Pay Gap reporting. This complements the guidance already provided to employers on Gender Pay Gap reporting

For further information please visit the EHRC website.

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