Get more from your holiday by volunteering

Volunteering holiday opportunities in Wales

Volunteering as part of a holiday can help you learn new skills, reduce trip costs, and give something back to the place you’re visiting, or a charity close to your heart. 

For the uninitiated, volunteer holidays (also known as voluntourism) involve tourists undertaking some form of work as part of their trip. In exchange, visitors can gain hands-on experience in a craft that interests them, or receive benefits, like free accommodation, that helps to keep holiday costs low. Placements can range from days to months, and the intensity of the work can differ from a relaxed hour or two in the afternoon to a full day’s hard, honest graft.

Opportunities for volunteer holidays are plentiful in Wales. Volunteering Wales, along with dedicated sites like Workaway and WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), are great resources for those looking to browse the range of experiences on offer.

For further information visit Volunteering holiday opportunities in Wales | Visit Wales

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