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Innovation Gateway challenge

The challenge aims to help businesses get their products tested and into a wider market, quickly and successfully. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is looking to identify innovative ideas and ‘garage-tested’ green solutions that could also enable the bank to become more resource efficient.

RBS, alongside Sainsbury's, Carillion and Heathrow Airport, will provide support to SMEs, entrepreneurs and inventors with pioneering resource efficiency ideas that could potentially address an infrastructure challenge they are facing across their property estates.

Successful innovators will get the chance to trial their products with one or more of the Gateway partners. Conceptual, garage-tested or market-ready solutions that can help tackle 1 of the 4 challenges below, will be eligible:

  • Metering and Analytics - for an innovative technology or approach that can help analyse, model or monitor energy use in areas of commercial properties where there is no existing metering infrastructure.
  • Site level energy resilience - for an innovative product or solution to improve energy efficiency and resilience at site level. This could be through distributed energy resources, local/site level grids (microgrids) or demand side response technologies and approaches.
  • Waste and recycling segregation - for an innovative product or solution that can will improve waste segregation and support the easy sorting of waste and recycling in office and/or public facing environments.
  • Worker long-term health and well-being - for an innovative product or solution that can improve or track employee health and well-being for both large workplaces and employees that work remotely.

SMEs, entrepreneurs and inventors in the UK and Ireland, with pioneering resource efficiency ideas, may apply.

The deadline for applications to be received is 30 September 2016.

For more information visit the RBS Innovation Gateway website.

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