New actions to protect Welsh-speaking communities

The Minister for Education and Welsh Language will today (3 August 2022) provide a preview of the actions which are part of the Welsh Government’s plans to safeguard communities where Welsh is the main language and where there are large numbers of second homes.

The interventions include encouraging homeowners to give local people a fair chance when selling their property. The Minister will also announce a new Commission for Welsh-speaking Communities, Comisiwn Cymunedau Cymraeg, which will bring together experts to make policy recommendations to protect and strengthen Cymraeg as a community language.

The Minister will share details of the proposed schemes including a voluntary ‘fair chance scheme’, to help sellers make decisions about how they sell property, by allowing properties to be marketed locally only, for a fixed period. The Welsh Government will also work with organisations such as estate agents to address the housing needs of those communities.

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