Online Seminar: Energy transition in Wales – commitments, partnerships and priorities

With Welsh Government, Cardiff University and the European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde.

The TRACER project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme has been investigating how Wales and eight other European coal-intensive (and former coal-intensive) areas are managing their transition towards more sustainable energy systems. Discussions in 2020/21 with key stakeholders in Wales’ energy transition have outlined a strong narrative of two transitions, both with profound territorial dimensions. The first is the transition out of coal - Wales is still dealing with structural, spatial and social inequalities related to the past. The second is the transition to renewable energy sources. These differ in terms of technologies, R&I needs, policy context and territorial incidence. At the same time, Wales is well-regarded for energy-related R&D activity, with many innovative organisations and connectors, and promising renewable energy clusters.  

Continuing this dialogue, you are invited to attend an online seminar on ‘Energy transition in Wales – commitments, partnerships and priorities’. 

This seminar will:

  • review innovative approaches to the energy transition in Wales to date
  • discuss how the opportunities and needs for innovation vary across Wales
  • identify funding opportunities in the areas where support is most needed

The online seminar takes place on 1 December 2021.

Please register in advance for this free meeting Meeting Registration - Zoom



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