Personal Flying Device Competition

Go Fly is offering a $2,000,000 (£1.4 million) challenge to create a personal flying device that is safe, useful and thrilling.

It should be capable of being flown by anyone, anywhere and it should be a device for all: young and old, city-dweller, country-dweller, expert and novice.

Prizes will be awarded in three stages:

  • stage 1 will include 10 $20,000 prizes based on a written report

  • stage 2 will include four $50,000 prizes awarded based on revised stage 1 material and demonstrated performance of progress to date

  • stage 3 will see a fly-off in the autumn of 2019 with a $1m prize for the best overall idea, $250,000 for the quietest entry, $250,000 for the smallest, and $100,000 for the most state-of-the-art design

The winner will maintain control of their own intellectual property, and it will be up to them to commercialise it.

Who should apply?

Scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world are invited to form a team to register and compete.

For further information and eligibility criteria please visit the Go Fly website.

Why not visit the Business Wales Innovation website to find out what support and funding is available the help your business innovate.

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