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Provision of Critical Equipment and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The Welsh Government is working closely with business and industry to get supplies of critical equipment including cleaning products and PPE to front line workers facing shortages during the COVID 19 outbreak. 

If you are an existing supplier of PPE or critical equipment or are able to provide any additional support on either manufacturing, repurposing products or innovation, please contact the Life Science Hub through their innovation portal at:  https://lshubwales.com/call-industry-collaboration-fight-coronavirus

Supporting additional construction and temporary accommodation for the NHS

Any suppliers specifically able to offer support for Planning, Construction and Implementation of additional/temporary accommodation for the NHS please register interest at HSS.COVID-19.PlanningCell@gov.wales

For any other offers of support 

If you are able to offer any other support, which is not directly related to Medical Equipment or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), for communities, industry and public transport as we plan for a phased return to work, please register for:

Non PPE offers for UK

Any Welsh suppliers able to provide goods and services to the public and third sector outside of Wales during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak can lodge their offers of support on the Crown Commercial Services Catalogue. Each of the goods and services offered has been categorised by what’s on offer and the region it is offered in. This catalogue does not contain offers of PPE Explore the catalogue.

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