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Toyota Lean Management Programme

Companies in the Advanced Materials & Manufacturing sector can learn about Lean Management through the Welsh Government’s support for participation in the Toyota Lean Management Programme, delivered by Toyota. The programme includes Lean Start and Lean Project.

Lean Start is a 1 ½ days workshop at TLMC Deeside, with a follow-up ½ day onsite visit by Toyota engineers. After 50% Welsh Government support, cost per attendee is £378* + VAT.

Lean Project is an automatic follow-on to Lean Start. You will receive 3 days of diagnostic support from Toyota engineers to identify opportunities to implement improvements. The Welsh Government will fully fund the cost.

Senior managers and attendees from companies will have a unique opportunity to experience and learn the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the Toyota Way to improve productivity, safety, quality whilst stripping out the waste and non-value-adding activity.

Simulation techniques, worksite observation and discussion with Toyota engineers will help in grasping the meaning of key elements of TPS and give an insight into how to make this work in practice.

Delegates will also understand the process steps, key strategic issues and their own role in leading a lean transformation.

Availability on each workshop is restricted to 15 attendees, with 3 to 4 delegates per Company. Oversubscription on any workshop will result in alternative dates being offered.  

Dates for 2019 are:

  • 20 May to 21 May

  • 1 July to 2 July

  • 21 October to 22 October

To request a place, or for further information please email TLMC@gov.wales

* De Minimus Aid Rules apply.


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