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Trade Survey for Wales

In November, the Trade Survey for Wales launched to help calculate the volume of trade into and out of businesses located in Wales. This includes goods and services that move within the UK as well as internationally. This is the first, and only, Wales-specific direct data collection of its kind. 

Currently, detailed trade information is only available at the UK level. This is the first, and only, Wales-specific data collection on trade.

Welsh Government have commissioned an independent market research company, IFF Research, to undertake the survey online. They have invited 8000 businesses with operations in Wales to participate.  

The results, expected in Spring 2020, will enable Welsh Government to better understand the volume of trade that comes into and out of Wales and will help determine the potential effects of trade barriers on specific industries. This information will feed into the evidence as a basis for decisions, plans and preparations to support the Welsh and UK Government’s plans and decision making on tariffs.  

If you have received a letter, please take part and complete the survey - your participation could influence decisions that may affect key aspects of your industry and the entire Welsh economy. The survey is only open until January 29th 2020, so time is running out to ensure your industry is represented.

For further information please take a look at the Trade Survey for Wales guidance on the Welsh Government website.

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