Trade Survey for Wales

8000 businesses in Wales have been invited by the Welsh Government to participate in the third Trade Survey for Wales

Jonathan Price, Welsh Government’s Chief Economist, said:
“In the wake of EU Exit, and the ongoing issues caused by Covid-19, we are facing unprecedented economic challenges. We want to understand these better and to measure the impacts on businesses in Wales.

“Your participation will help us understand any key changes in trade patterns of businesses based, or operating sites, in Wales in the 2020 calendar year. If you have received a letter, please take part and complete the survey - your participation could influence decisions that may affect key aspects of your industry.” 

This is the only survey that focuses on trade activity in Wales, and feeds directly into the trade policy and business-support evidence base. It provides a raft of important insight and information on trade that is not otherwise available to Welsh Government. This helps to develop effective policies and put in place the right sort packages of support that reflect the genuine needs of businesses in Wales. 

The survey will be open until early December 2021 so there is still time to participate. 

Most businesses invited to participate will employ more than 20 people but there are some smaller businesses invited too.

Ultimately, every businesses response to this survey can inform work to kick-start our economic recovery and build a better Wales. The Welsh Government have commissioned IFF Research to conduct this survey on their behalf. 

If you have any queries about how to fill in the survey, please email or phone the helpline on 0300 0259 000. 

For further information, please take a look at the Trade Survey for Wales guidance on the Welsh Government website.

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