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UK Living Wage increase

The Living Wage rates are independently calculated based on the real cost of living in the UK and London. The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 3,500 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a fair day's pay for a hard day's work.

The employers pay the real Living Wage which is higher than the government minimum - they also make sure all their employees in London receive the London Living Wage. 

The 2017 increases have been largely driven by higher inflation feeding through to the basket of goods and services that underpin the rates, with rising private rents and transport costs also having an impact.

The new rates are:

  • £8.75 per hour UK rate, an increase of 30p per hour

  • £10.20 per hour London rate, an increase of 45p per hour

For further information please visit the Living Wage Foundation website.

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