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Your Introductory Guide to Link-Building

Link Building

A brand-new website is very much an unknown quantity for search engines, such as Google. They don’t yet know the quality of your website so they don’t know how high up you should appear in the result pages. Search engines determine this by using complex algorithms that assess the relevance of your website as well as looking at the number and quality of the links from other websites to yours.

Links to your website don’t just bring in new visitors, search engine algorithms regard links as endorsements of your website.  The bigger and more important the site linking to yours the better, for example a link from an established site such as bbc.co.uk are worth more than those from a website that has just launched. Links from these powerful domains like the BBC can be difficult to come by, but don’t worry - there are plenty of other ways small business owners can grow the number of reputable links to their website. 

Look at your social media profiles

Your business’s profile pages on social media are a good place to start building links to your website. Most social media profiles have an area for you to add your website link and alongside the other business benefits of being on social media, setting up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other networking sites gives you easy links from reputable domains.

It’s worth mentioning that including links within social media posts hasn’t been shown to have a direct SEO benefit, for example a link in a Tweet isn’t the same as a link in an article on the internet. However, there is a direct correlation between a website’s ranking in search engines and how active and successful a website is on social media. Most likely this is because being active on social means more people are seeing your content and you’ll naturally attract more links. The key thing to take away from this is to get your content out there!

Contribute to other websites

Writing blog posts for other sites is another good way to gain exposure for your website and get in front of a targeted audience of potential customers. For example, if you run a bakery, you could explore the opportunities for writing helpful posts for websites that are dedicated to providing recipes or baking tips. You can then use these opportunities to link back to your own website, whether that’s in the author bio or the actual post. Just make sure that where you include this link is relevant and you’re not bombarding your posts with too many links.

You don’t have to wait for companies to contact you, although as your business grows you may find they do naturally, you could contact blogs and websites you enjoy reading or whose products or services are complementary to yours. Why not start by Googling phrases such as “write for us” along with keywords related to your business (for example “” write for us” baking”).

Spread the word though bloggers and PR.

Although deemed old-fashioned by some, PR still has a place in business. However, some small businesses can find it difficult to gain exposure in bigger, more national press. That’s where bloggers come in; there are blogs dedicated to almost anything, from fashion to sport to food. Many bloggers are happy to write about companies and review their products in return for a small fee or free product. This is an effective and sometimes easier way of getting your products in front of new audiences. To make the most of this approach, make sure you request a link back to your website within the post or review; established blogs with big readerships will have strong domains that can help boost your website in search results as well as increasing your site traffic.

While these ideas will help raise the profile of your website, it’s important to remember not to neglect the content on your site. If you write and share interesting blogs, infographics, videos or other content related to your business, you could find that other websites start linking to your website without you even asking. 

By Jayne Kendall of www.ourhomeonline.wales

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