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2017: Wales’ Year of Legends

1. Introduction

We want to celebrate a year of legendary experiences across Wales in 2017. Building on the momentum of Year of Adventure, the Year of Legends presents us with an opportunity to build a truly distinctive identity for Wales on the world stage.

2. Year of Legends campaign

St David’s Day saw Wales’ Year of Legends 2017 taken to the next level as an international campaign went live in key markets in a bid to promote Wales like never before and sustain record breaking figures of the last two years. Take a look at the campaign overview for more information.

This content calendar helps you to understand our key themes for the year and what we’ll be focussing on each month.

To help you get a clear picture of what’s going on across Wales during 2017, here’s a summary of key events.  This list is not exhaustive but contains the main legends themed events and major events funded by the Welsh Government. If you are an event organiser and would like us to include your event on visitwales.com please email vw-steward@nvg.net

The latest phase of our Year of Legends activity is now underway, targeting London and the South East of England:

3. A step-by-step guide for your business

2017 is our chance to showcase Wales’ rich culture, heritage and landscapes. It’s an opportunity to celebrate a wealth of sporting and cultural events and icons, and to stand-apart from our competitors. In doing so, we want to reinforce positive perceptions of our country, and position Wales as a high-quality, relevant and contemporary 21C destination. 

Getting the balance right is key: 2017 isn’t about looking backwards. It’s about bringing our unique and diverse cultural heritage to life like never before, with cutting-edge innovation. And it’s also about creating and celebrating new Welsh legends — modern-day personalities, products and events that are made in Wales, or enriched by coming here.

This guide is about how you — your business — can benefit from the Year of Legends. And it applies across the board, from hotels to B&Bs and self-catering, visitor attractions to activity providers.

In broad terms, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Year of Legends in summary
  • What we’d like to achieve
  • What’s happening
  • Get involved
  • Know your market
  • Practical advice
  • Quality counts

If you’d like to order printed copies of this booklet please email us at yearoflegends@gov.wales

4. Year of Legends briefing sessions

We recently held a series of briefing sessions aimed at tourism businesses and partners to provide more information on Year of Legends 2017.  The purpose of getting everybody together was to:

  • give an overview of our plans for Year of Legends
  • encourage and inspire you to get involved with Year of Legends
  • update on the Wales brand
  • provide an update on sense of place and showcase a small selection of businesses in Wales who are fully embracing sense of place and doing good things
  • introduce storytelling as a concept and provide some ideas for you to incorporate storytelling into your tourism businesses.

Presentations and films shown at these events are now available for you to download below. 

Legends Pack - North

Legends Pack - Mid

Legends Pack - South East

Legends Pack - South West

5. Year of Legends marketing tools

To help you along the way we’ve developed a handy kit of parts which includes everything you need to get involved.  Click on the link below to access: 

  • Year of Legends industry handbook 
  • Year of Legends widget 
  • Digi-banners 
  • Promotional wording 
  • Year of Legends images 

We are also developing postcards, posters and badges which will be available in the New Year, if you would like a free of charge supply of these please email:


Year of Legends marketing tools

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